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Time and Attendance

Time and Attendance Solution

Time & Attendance Management System, specifically designed to deal with the requirements of medium and large companies (typically with 100 or more staff, and/or with multiple sites).

From Clocking to Payroll

Time And Attendance

Clockings received from badge readers or other sources are input and processed automatically in various stages, and a broad range of accounting, personnel and management reports may be produced, with the added flexibility of creating and storing custom reports. The processed data may be transferred to payroll, personnel, financial and other systems, in real time if required.


All types of clocking rules, shift and overtime patterns and variable working are catered for, including rotating shifts, continental shifts, unplanned shift changes, Flexi time and Annualised Hours. It handles all types of payment criteria and absence rules. QTAR is easily adapted to the changing needs of your business.

Staff Acceptance

There is a high acceptability factor for people clocking in with QTAR, because it is designed to minimise change of habits and to create confidence in its reliability and security. Reduced queues at clocking-out time and accuracy of payroll input are seen by employees to be of particular benefit.

The time of your payroll, personnel and supervisory staff is more productive, because QTAR is designed for ease of use in day-to-day operation. Its joint principles of minimising or eliminating repetitive data entry and reporting by exception mean that the time of your payroll, personnel and supervisory staff is more productive.

Cost Effectiveness

Many of our client companies with complex shift patterns spend less than 15 minutes per day. The design of the system means there are no limits on the number of employees that can be handled - from less than 100 to more than 100,000.

QTAR can help ensure compliance with the Working Time Directive by warning of potential violations before they occur - and its historical reports satisfy the reporting requirements of the directive.

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QTAR - Time and attendance solutions